Our vision and what we believe


We believe that performance opportunities within the arts are limited and often too competitive for all students who have a passion for the industry. We want to create a positive, fun and professional environment to nurture the development of budding performers. Our vision is to provide accessible opportunities to performing arts students across all genres to aid their training and give them an insight into the professional field.


How it benefits students, schools and the community

We understand the difficulty of juggling the demands within the school curriculum, trying to progress students through exams and putting on annual shows are just a few to mention! We want to work with local schools to give their students the chance to perform without hindering their weekly training. Performing helps to build confidence and style within students and allows for them to put into practice and show off all the hard work they have built up over the year in their regular lessons. Orbital Arts are excited to provide the communities around London with affordable and exciting performances for the whole family to enjoy!


Telephone: 07771 905226 or 07971 827276

Email: office@orbitalarts.co.uk