Welcome to Orbital Arts

Orbital Arts was created for children and students who wished to perform. Performance is the realisation of all the hard work, discipline and energy that drives a person to pursue the art that interests them most.

Performance is the force that focuses the mind around the realisation of the goal. It may be transient or deep routed but there is always a nugget of satisfaction and wonder held for future thought.

‘I performed on stage to an audience who paid to see me’!

So with all the energy and enthusiasm a high quality and ambitious mix of genres – including theatre, dance and concert productions come from the heart of what we are endeavouring to do.

We hope you will engage with us and help us on our way.



It is with a heavy heart that due to the current government restrictions we will no longer be holding our Bugsy Malone audition on 19th April 2020. We are looking into changing the date and will keep you updated.



Telephone: 07771 905226 or 07971 827276

Email: office@orbitalarts.co.uk